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120819 "Top 5 Hacks to get the Most out of Anaerobic Training"

Every athlete that is at the top of their game believes that their training methodology is the best. I know because I AM one of those guys. How everyone balances training intensities is truly a matter of trial and error, of the athletes they test their program against, and of the countless variables that pertain to a specific outcome. There is one thing that science downs dispute, Anaerobic (Threshold) training delivers the most juice for the squeeze. But what it is and how it should be approached is as varied as you could imagine. So Here are my top 5 hacks to ensure you are getting the most out of Anaerobic Training.

110319 "5 Life Hacks that will add years to your life"

Telomeres.. Im going to lead with this today. Have you heard of them? Telomeres are end caps which live on each one of our Double Helix (DNA) like the ends of a shoe lace. Our DNA is not unlike our cells in that they have a protective shield which surround them. When the Protective coat around the DNA starts to break down, that is when aging begins to accelerate and chronic disease may take hold. While there are many lifestyle and genetic factors which determine Telomere health, Science has identified important steps that we can take to increase the length of our telomeres and our life span.