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260819 "Want to Lose Weight?? Get to Know your Sleep cycle"

Before the Gates of Performance open up for you ; you need to stand upon a foundation of good health. Good Health is predicated upon your ability to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore if you are beginning or feeling Plateaued in your Journey, it is time to start taking a hard look at the pieces of you life that make up the complete package of health and wellbeing. When we sleep, how well we sleep should be in balance with our Nutritional Timing and of course, quality of food we are eating. Lets talk today about how we can link those two important pieces together.

311218 "New Years, New You; 2 Simple Beverages you need to put in your Morning Routine "

The New Year is upon us and there is probably an itching in your mind to start anew, change some habits, and tilt the pendulum towards better health and wellness. The path to progress is rarely laid out in massive shifts because they inherently lead to failure. Small steps and habits are the best way to make lasting changes happen. For me, it all starts with the morning Routine. Like a fresh slate every day, your morning Nutrition routine sets you up for success or failure depending on how you approach it. Here are 2 go-to breakfast beverages that swing you towards a better day.