Eric Botsford Television Bio


Acting, Interviewing, educating, producing, and developing products for large scale media audiences is something that is truly a passion of mine. I have learned that many in the industry have talent but few have the ability to truly connect and relate. Using my knowledge gained from many life experiences and the pursuit of perfection in all endeavours, allows me to adapt to any project and create the highest quality content. 

Good Day Sacramento (Local Television) Sacramento, CA
As an fitness event host, gym owner and fitness spokesperson I regularly worked with the local broadcast station as someone who could come to the table with reliable and relevant information regarding fitness and health . Interview topics would include; proper biomechanics, workout breakdowns, event updates, and nutrition advise. Additionally, I would provide provide in studio fitness related modeling and exercise demos. 

Tough Mudder Coachified Episodes and Training Content
Working closely with my friend and host of the series "Coachified" on Tough Mudder channels; acted semi- scripted episodes covering training methods and gear choices for Ultra Races and regular Obstacle Course Racing event. 
Tapping into my training experiences, Tough Mudder marketing filmed training videos for followers on our social media platforms. These training videos were thoughtfully created to deliver clear and concise 'no-bullshit' training workouts for runners to follow in order to reach their goals. Link to Videos HERE

Tough Mudder Training Videos
Writing and producing fitness training videos is very much like doing math.. with a bit of engineering along with it. Being a problem solver when the task needs to get done is something that I do well. Not all production set ups are going to be like you envision. I wrote workouts for a wide array of athletes to use in order to prepare for the challenges that Tough Mudder, Along with other physical tests, throw at you. Working with a team of directors, production staff, extras and athletes- this shoot was long, physically strenuous and many times a puzzle that needed to be arranged and then re-arranged. The result was a high quality series of training videos which have been viewed thousands of times and have helped many achieve their goals. Link to Videos HERE

Road To Worlds Toughest Mudder, CBS Sports
Competing in my second Worlds Toughest Mudder, CBS Sports found value in featuring myself and my running partner for a pre show to Worlds Toughest Mudder. The show was an hour long special and covered my role within the Tough Mudder Community as well as insights into my previous experience with the 24hour race. The interviews were directed but very free and set viewers up for an exciting television event series. Link To Videos HERE

Worlds Toughest Mudder 360 Experience, CBS Sports, EMMY Nominated
Working Closely with a variety of Producers and Directors is something that takes unique ability. Communication and keeping a cool head is something that I learned on this project. Being followed by cameras for 24 hours in the desert of Las Vegas while running towards a goal can be a challenge. I learned that no matter how exhausted you may be, needing to stop and run through things with directors is very important. This project was truly amazing not only for the accolades it got but for the actual substance and the story my partner and I got to tell on camera. Also, running 60 miles in 24 hours along a very treacherous course is quite a feat in an of itself! Link To Video HERE

Worlds Toughest After Show, CBS Sports
Accomplishing 60 miles in an event like Worlds Toughest Mudder was amazing. Getting to touch so many lives along the way is truly the greatest accomplishment. In this special my partner and I sat down with Brent Stover and Amelia Boone and spoke candidly about the experience and the story behind our goals for Worlds Toughest Mudder. The production took place in CBS studios and allowed me to experience the professionalism and flow of studio production. Although this was a taping and not live television, nailing every shot was very important and not mincing words with hosts to keep flow going was very important. Link To Video HERE  

Tough Mudder Coachfied Episodes
Any time you put Kyle Railton and I together in the same area as a rolling camera, you are going to get good stuff. No matter the content plan, thinking outloud and collaborating about shots is something that allows both director and talent the ability to create realness and authenticity. Coupling each shoot with the adventure of doing it outside and without scripts, projects become really fun and it shows in the finished product. Link To Video HERE.

Tough Mudder Training Videos and WORKOUT WEDNESDAY Livestream; Coach, program design and athlete
Creating and producing high quality training content is certainly a goal of mine as well as Tough Mudder. With over 4 million followers on Facebook and a weekly viewing audience of 70k, there is definitely a need for the content. Beginning in January the process started with writing and creating workout videos for multiple levels of athlete ability. My background allows me to scale workouts and convey authenticity to the viewer. Myself and the team offered a variety of options for athletes who workout at home and the gym. 
Every Wednesday the WORKOUT WEDNESDAY Facebook livestream allows the worldwide community an opportunity to link up, train and feel at home with everyone else on the same path towards self improvement. The W.O.W. feel that I have created is one of constant variation, thinking outside the box when training, and being the best possible version of yourself possible. The comments and feedback from the weekly series is very positive and allows me to refine the process of live media. I am constantly striving to make each week better than the last, relying on critiques and being aware of successes along the way. Link To a Video HERE.

Americas Toughest Mudder Los Angeles, CBS Sports, Athlete
I will take every chance I can to be an athlete. Working with the CBS sports crew is really a fun experience as each director and show has a different feel. The Americas Toughest series is a competitive race series which puts athletes through 8 hours of hell from midnight-8am. Athletes are throwing themselves off obstacles, getting electrocuted, swimming through ice baths, and all manner of physical and mental challenges. As a athletic personality on the Los Angeles show, I took what I have learned from 2 years of 24 hour challenges and applied that to this. I learned that its not always about being in first place but actually being smart enough to finish the challenge. Injury is a real thing when you push your body to those limits and this show does a good job conveying  this challenge. Link to Video HERE

Tough Mudder X, CBS Sports, Producer and On Camera Analyst
I am an athlete. My entire live revolves around the pursuit of challenge, betterment and pushing boundaries. When Tough Mudder approached me about helping to Produce a new TV show for CBS Sports, Tough Mudder X, that combined fitness challenges and real world obstacles; I absolutely jumped at the chance. My knowledge of the CrossFit athlete pool, business owners and workout modeling gave me a insight into the development of this product that few could rival. As a producer I helped sign athletes for the show, worked closely with owners and manufacturers in the fitness world, and also CBS Sports as an on camera analyst. In a very short amount of time the team was able to put together a very exciting new product that rivals any competitor in the reality fitness business. The challenge was not just creating a good looking event for TV but to make it relevant to the athletic world and a market that is saturated by gimmicks and one hit wonders. The result of TMX is that it had professional athletes eagerly awaiting next season and CBS sports being very happy with the drama and competition. Link to Video HERE.

Tougher Championship Series , Facebook LIVE, Color Commentary and Analyst
The Tougher Championship series broadcast is a partnership between Tough Mudder and the emerging Facebook LIVE 'Watch' Streaming Service. Taking the unique course challenges that Tough Mudder offers, and pairing it with the best Obstacle Racing athletes in the world; the Tougher Championship Series emerged as a exciting new way to broadcast OCR and bring out competitors tot he sport. Conveying the excitement and unique experience of each Tough Mudder Course, I allowed over 2 million viewers from all over the world to experience the Heart pounding drama that the race series Brought out. The opportunity allowed me to work closely with a large team of production and television professionals and produce a high quality broadcast that is setting a new bar in live sports entertainment. As an analyst I was tasked with knowing many athletes from backgrounds that were largely unknown before the series began. Using my passion for athletics , my unique understanding of the sport of OCR and the Tough Mudder Obstacles, I was able to convey and even anticipate the experiences that the athletes had on the course and break them down for the viewers. Link to Video HERE.       

Tough Mudder Training .
This Highly Produced Series of Training Videos helps to elevate the training platform at Tough Mudder . This Series is an continuation of the most viewed weekly series on the Tough Mudder Social Pages, "Workout Wednesday". Beginning with simple iPhone footage, this series has been viewed over 200k times with so much of it driven by social commentary. The training Series utilizes my pillars of optimal health and performance Strength, Endurance, Power and Agility and guides viewers along towards success on the Tough Mudder Course and beyond. The opportunity allowed me to develop a strategy for Youtube viewership. Unlike other Livestreams, the production focused on the ON Demand method that many are using to consume fitness. Link to the Video Series is HERE  

Tough Mudder X, CBS. Broadcast Announcer. 
Tough Mudder X is a competition that I helped design and produce. The partnership with CBS brought it to life in 2017 and continues to draw a lot of support not only from athletes of differing backgrounds but also from viewership. I went from sideline reporter in 2017 to Broadcast Announcer and Color Commentary this year. The 3 episode series covered the qualifier, semi-finals and finals. This highly produced series was a unique challenge for us on the broadcast side in that we needed to do predictive voice over and develop story lines around what was anticipated in the coming rounds. I also did on course stand ups that required a lot of physical effort and composure when it really counted. This includes doing commentary while suspended 10' in the air over a pool of water! Additionally , the series required a Voice Over day at CBS Studios. The Voice Over sessions were a great learning experience that required an understanding of timing, and story telling. As Color Commentary host I brought the viewers into the competition by conveying the difficulty and 'feelings' that the athletes were experiencing going through the course. Link to the Reel HERE